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Our Story.

Marcus D'Onofrio and Mike Eckles met while working at Coach Insignia, a fine dining restaurant in Detroit. They both had a passion for food and hospitality, and after working together for a number of years, they decided to start their own private dining business together. They drew on their combined experience and expertise to create a unique and exceptional dining experience in the homes of their clients. They have since been successful in their venture serving hundreds of clients, appearing on a Netflix top 10 series "The Pressure Cooker", and amassing nearly 80+ 5 star reviews on Google. Mike and Marcus continue to provide unique and exclusive private dining services to the people of Metro Detroit.

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Mike Eckles


Chef Mike Eckles, a graduate from the renowned Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, kickstarted his culinary career with training in food and wine. He honed his skills by working at some of Michigan's top restaurants, including Coach Insignia and James Beard nominated Forest, where he held the position of sous chef. His passion for high-end cuisine led him to open his own establishment, Abode Fine Dining. Mike's skills led him to be featured on the Netflix series "The Pressure Cooker" where he placed second on the show.

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Chef Mike was the runner up on Netflix's Pressure Cooker a reality cooking show that follows a group of chefs as they compete against each other in a series of high-stakes challenges. The show is hosted by a professional chef who guides the contestants through a series of culinary tests, with the goal of finding the best home cook. Each episode features a different theme and the contestants are judged on their ability to create delicious and creative dishes under pressure. The show is known for its fast-paced and competitive atmosphere, as well as its focus on the personal stories and struggles of the contestants. 

Marcus D'Onofrio


Chef Marcus D'Onofrio's journey in the culinary world began in Detroit at Giovanni's. He honed his skills and gained valuable experience at this establishment. Later he started working with Chef Mike Eckles at Coach Insignia before the restaurant closed. After he had the honor of working at the Michelin-starred Yugen in Chicago and later played a key role in managing the kitchen at the highly acclaimed Selden Standard in Detroit.

Marcus D'Onofrio

Tel: (248) 225-3890 |  Email:


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(248) 225-3890 |  Email:

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